History and the land:

The wines produced by the Cantine Nicola Rossi tell the story of the Apulian landscape whose protagonists are its sunrays, sunsets and East winds.

Each sip sparks a memory, evoking places steeped in culture and charm.

For a hundred years we have celebrated the art of wine production as a vocation and dedication to our land, by producing harmonious and generous wines.

Our winery

100 years of the art of wine production

Our values – the philosophy of wine

The vineyards in our territory have taught us the art of giving: every day we take care of each individual grape in order to guarantee the taste and quality of our wines, in full respect of this gift of nature.

We are proud of our heritage and the traditions that we represent, our roots, which like those of our vineyards, are defined by our history. We are committed to making sure each glass of our wine evokes in full the authenticity of the production methods of the Cooperative “Nicola Rossi”.

Canosa di Puglia inspires us today in our desire to give value to the cultural and gastronomic heritage of the town.

Time marches on following the cycle of life of the vineyard, from grape to joyful harvest, offering harmony and feeling.

Canosa is our Muse.

Our Team:

“The challenge today is to operate in the Italian and International markets with courage and passion. We believe in the values that exist in our wines: dedication, quality and tradition. We look to the future to find the essence of the present, as we gaze back to the teachings of the past.”
Giuseppe Mascolo
President Cantine Costantinopoli
“The term ‘one hundred years’ for us is not simply a number: it is experience, anecdotes, awareness of a shared past that gives life to our wines and our wine production. Canosa teaches us to respect the land and care for our vineyards.”
Michele Sansonna
President Cantine Nicola Rossi
“The client is the heart of our business vision here at Cantine Costantinopoli Nicola Rossi and we aim to accompany them on a journey through the senses and emotions. Taking care of the grapes for us means paying attention to the needs of the consumer. Each of our wines tells a story that comes to life with every sip.”
Massimo Leone
Marketing and Communications Manager