Kantharos is a wine that surprises the palate, just as the ancient vases of Canosa surprised the Italian poet Giuseppe Ungaretti :


“M’hanno scoperto in quella vetrina tutta la Puglia in un miracolo d’arte popolare: il miracolo di Canosa.” (Giuseppe Ungaretti, Alessandria di Egitto, 1888 – Milano, 1970).

“I discovered in those glass cases all of Puglia in a miracle of popular art: the miracle of Canosa.”


 The Kantharos is the prototype of the modern wine glass and this collection shows how since ancient times the art of wine tasting has been an integral part of our daily lives.


Type: Puglia I.G.P. red

wineGrapes: Nero di troia

Production area: Puglia, Italy

Harvest time: 2nd 10 days of October

Vinification method: Red wine fermentation, long must-skin maceration, temperature-controlled 25°/28°C

Aging and refinement: steel vats -bottles

Serving temperature: 18 – 20°C

Conservation: keep in a cool place out of the reach of heat or light.

Channel: GDO

Travel with the senses

Aroma: Intense bouquet, rounded with hints of forest

Taste: perfectly balanced, rounded and full-bodied

Wine pairing: Ideal with legumes, red and white meat, cheese


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