Wine is a fascinating drink through which we can travel in time and space.

Wine can lead you wherever you want to go, and our Marnico wines will take you back to the III century B.C., to the Hypogeum del Cerbero in Canosa.

A cultural and culinary journey that celebrates the historical identity of Canosa, accompanied by a good glass of wine!


Type PUGLIA I.G.P. – white wine


Production area: Puglia – ITALY

Harvest time: 2nd 10 days of September

Vinification method: soft grape crushing, temperature controlled fermentation 18°

Aging and refinement: Steel vats – bottles

Serving temperature: 8 – 10°C
Conservation: keep in a cool place out of the reach of heat or light

Channel: restaurant  and

travel with the senses

Aroma: Fine and delicate bouquet, hints of white flowers

Taste: Harmonious, good acidity, fresh with hints of exotic fruits

Wine pairing: Fish dishes, cheese or aperitifs