Vivacious and audacious, our Vino Scipio is inspired by the spirit of the Roman General Scipio Africanus who distinguished himself on many battlefields and in countless glorious endeavours, most notably leading the Roman legions towards Canosa thus saving them from a terrible destiny.

Ideal for drinking in company, Scipion makes every moment an occasion: from the aperitif to the desert, each glass recalls the liveliness of our land.


Type:  Sparkling white
Grapes:  Chardonnay – Trebbiano

Production area:  Italy

Harvest time:  1st 10 days of September

Vinification method:  soft grape crushing, temperature-controlled fermentation in tanks.

Aging and refinement:  steel vats -bottles

Serving temperature:  8 – 10°C

Conservation:  keep in a cool place out of the reach of heat or light.

Channel : Restaurand and

Travel with the senses

Aroma:  fine and delicate bouquet, fragrant and floral

Taste:  perfectly balanced, great acidity, fresh and floral notes

Wine pairing:  aperitif or during a meal. Fish and seafood dishes, raw seafood and cheese

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